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Location: The Republic of Rwanda is a landlocked country with land borders with four countries: Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo (clockwise from the north).
Capital: Kigali
Population: 10,943,000
Independence Day: -
Date Joined: 2009
Currency: Rwandan franc (Rwfr)
Total Area: 26,338 sq km
Languages: Kinyarwanda, French, English
Head of the Government: President HE Paul Kagame (since 2000)
Web site: http://www.gov.rw/
National Flag:

African officials donate salaries to COVID-19 fight: Rwanda cabinet joins list

Rwandan ministers and top officials have joined the growing trend of public officials donating their salaries to the fight against COVID-19. Cabinet ministers and others have agreed ti donate their April salaries to aid the countries fight against the pandemic A statement from the prime minister’s office confirmed that other officials who agreed to forgo their salaries are leaders of national institutions and top government officials.

News Source:africanews
News Type:News Published date: 07-April-2020

BREAKING! Kagame extends lockdown by 15 days as new infections are confirmed

Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame has ordered a 15-day extension of the current lockdown. The decision to extend the current two-week lockdown initially declared on March 21 to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus was reached during an extraordinary cabinet meeting hosted by President Kagame via video link on Wednesday and but announced on Thursday Morning. The initial two-week lockdown was meant to end over this weekend.

News Source:pmldaily.com
News Type:News Published date: 02-April-2020

Rwanda to deliver free food to 20 000 households during coronavirus lockdown

Rwanda has formulated a social protective plan for the delivery of free food to at least 20 000 households in the capital Kigali. The door-to-door delivery is meant to mitigate the impact of a lockdown implemented on March 21 by the government, aimed at limiting the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. On Friday Rwandan President Paul Kagame acknowledged that people's livelihoods had been affected by the lockdown.

News Source:iol.co.za
News Type:News Published date: 31-March-2020

Kagame plans support for the vulnerable

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has announced a social protection plan that will support the vulnerable across the country during the lockdown period. "Relevant institutions are working on a social protection plan, to support the most vulnerable in our community. We need to speed this up. The government will continue to do everything possible, to support Rwandans through this challenging time,"

News Source:theeastafrican
News Type:News Published date: 30-March-2020

Kagame Says There Can Be No Progress Without Equality

Believe it or not, the world needs both men and women to achieve aspirations of its communities. At least those how have tested it and seen results like President Paul Kagame who is constantly bringing on board as many female leaders in government says there are tangible benefits.

News Source:taarifa.rw
News Type:News Published date: 11-March-2020

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