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Location: Western Africa, bordering the Gulf of Guinea, between Benin and Cameroon
Capital: Abuja
Population: 148,093,000
Independence Day: 1 October 1960 (from UK)
Date Joined: 1960
Currency: Naira (NGN)
Total Area: 923,768 sq km
Languages: English (official), Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo (Ibo), Fulani
Head of the Government: President HE Muhammadu Buhari (since 29 May 2015)
Web site: http://nigeria.gov.ng/
National Flag:
His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari

Commonwealth Personalities
His Excellency Olasunkanmi Akinlabi

Chief Emeka Anyaoku

Country Representative
Name: Blackson  Bayewumi
Email: Blackson@yocomm.com

Bill Gates, Dangote, Health Minister commend Borno’s healthcare delivery system

The Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, Mr. Bill Gates, and Aliko Dangote have applauded the healthcare delivery system in Borno State. According to the trio, the aggressive development of the state’s primary healthcare system despite a decade-long Boko Haram insurgency that destroyed about 50 per cent of such facilities was commendable.They made the commendations while reviewing Borno’s 2020 immunisation and primary healthcare coverage across the state. Gates, who co-chairs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,

News Source:guardian.ng
News Type:News Published date: 12-September-2020

131 win N1m in Dangote cement promo

Less than two months into the National Consumer Promo, a total of 131 Nigerians have each won N1 million across the nation in the ongoing Dangote Cement Bag of Goodies Promo Season 2, in which a total sum of N1 billion would be given out to consumers. The promo, which kicked off in July and is expected to produce 1,000 winners, according to the Director of Marketing, Dangote Cement, Mrs Funmi Sanni, is already achieving its set objectives.

News Source:guardian.ng
News Type:News Published date: 07-September-2020

Nigeria making progress to reverse U.S. visa restrictions – Buhari

Nigeria is making progress to reverse the United States suspension of the issuance of “immigrant visas” to Nigerian passport holders, President Muhammadu Buhari said Thursday in Abuja. Receiving the report of the committee on Citizen Data Management and Harmonization chaired by the Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, the president expressed delight that two out of the six areas of concern raised by the United States had been fully addressed. The committee was set up in February

News Source:premiumtimesng
News Type:News Published date: 14-August-2020

Buhari pledges to boost internal security with more MOPOL

President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged to boost internal security by creating more police mobile force in the country. The president made the pledge at the commissioning of the Police Mobile Force Training College on the Ende hills, Nasarawa Eggon Council. Buhari, who was represented by the Minister of Police Affairs, Muhammad Maigari, commended the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, for creating a separate intelligent unit office and more mobile force in the country.

News Source:guardian
News Type:News Published date: 13-August-2020

Dangote Cement: “Our Pan African operations is performing well”

Dangote Cement has stated that its Pan African operations performed well in the first half of 2020. This was contained in a message sent to Nairametrics after an inquiry related to the performance of its Pan African operations. The cement behemoth noted that its African operations contributed positively to its Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA). EBITDA for the Pan African operations was N12 billion even though it ended up posting a loss of after-tax of N17 billion.

News Source:nairametrics
News Type:News Published date: 12-August-2020



The victory of opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari over President Goodluck Jonathan, represents a turning point for Africa’s most populous Nation. This is the first time in the history of Nigeria,that an opposition party has defeated the ruling party in democratic elections, and taken control of the country through the ballot box rather than through violence. It is a leap forward for democracy in Nigeria; heralds the start of a competitive two-party system; and sets an example for many other nations in Africa.

It is salutary to note that Goodluck Jonathan, who had been in power since 1999, called Buhari to concede defeat and congratulate him, and, whilst thanking Nigerians in his address to the Nation, stated, "I promised the country free and fair elections. I have kept my word."

President Buhari , in his address stated “A new day and a new Nigeria are upon us," "The victory is yours, and the glory is that of our nation." He will be sworn in on May 29th.
The challenges for President Buhari are many. He first came to power as a General in the military coup of 1983, ousting the democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari. Thirty years on, after his fourth attempt, he has been elected on a democratic mandate, and has been positioned by his campaign leaders as a “born again democrat” or “repentant democrat”. Those democratic credentials will now be tested.

He will have to unite the country after a divisive election campaign. He has pledged to aggressively tackle corruption, with his catchy election slogan of a “new broom”. His main focus will be to deal with the serious unrest in the country stemming from the Boko Haram Islamist insurgency in the North East. This will also require a comprehensive security strategy, and extensive cooperation with Nigeria’s neighbours, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, whilst also possibly leaning on US Security assistance.

From an economic perspective, President Buhari will need to devise a prudent and sustainable macroeconomic and fiscal policy, in particular in the context of the dramatic fall in global oil prices, which has posed a substantial challenge to the finances of Africa’s largest economy. The imperative is also to address the serious economic divide, and achieve growth with equity.

Both President Buhari and Ex-President Jonathan should be congratulated by the larger Commonwealth family, on their handling of this landmark election, and the peaceful transition of power. Whether in Government or opposition, they both now have a historic opportunity to further consolidate and contribute to the democratic growth of Nigeria, and in turn ensure that the dividends of that growth percolate to its 180 million people.
What are your views of the recent changes in Nigeria? Please write your comments here.
ONE ELECTION MANY WINNERS!!! No!!! There is no loser in the last Presidential election in Nigeria, not at all. We have three major personalities involved in determining the outcome of the process and they all won the election for the generality of Nigerians. President Goodluck Jonathan won unprecedented honour for displaying high level of statesmanship by conceding defeat and congratulating General Muhammadu Buhari. Professor Attairu Jega won unprecedented respect by ensuring true independence of INEC and integrity of the process while General Muhammadu Buhari won true and genuine mandate of the people. It is important for us as Nigerians to congratulate ourselves for conducting ourselves relatively peaceful during the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections in the country and for the mature manners in which we all accepted the results of the elections. As people, we have proven to the global community that we are peace loving people. It is apparent that democracy has come to stay in Nigeria. This is a victory for all Nigerians. It is a dawn of new era, new phase and new dispensation for our dear country, Nigeria. New era of Truth, Honesty and Integrity. New phase of Peace, Friendliness, Fairness and Freedom. New dispensation of Citizenship Engagement, Citizenship Involvement and Citizenship Participation in governance. We cannot but express our Deep Gratitude and Sincere Appreciation to all Friends of Nigeria, Major Partners, International Organisations and other members of International Community for their support at ensuring this success. Particularly, it is important to mention the Commonwealth, United Nations, European Union, African Union, ECOWAS and National Democratic Institute among others. Work well begun is half completed; it is fully completed when it is well completed. The Nigeria of our dream is ours to build. Future starts from our actions today. God bless Nigeria and all friends of Nigeria. +2348029990655, +2348095408133
By: Blackson Olaseni Bayewumi


Blackson Olaseni Bayewumi
An Advocacy for an Amnesty for Commonwealth Citizens in United Kingdom Prisons for immigration offences.
 I was hosted by The Rt. Hon. Lord Howell of Guildford, Chairman of the House of Lords International Relations Committee and President of The Royal Commonwealth Society at Commonwealth House, Pall Mall, London, today, Friday May 4, 2018.

Among other topics, we discussed the possibility of an amnesty programme for Commonwealth citizens in UK prisons for  immigration offences, and a peaceful, credible, transparent, acceptable and successful 2019 General Election in Nigeria. God bless Great Britain, God bless Nigeria and God bless the Commonwealth.
By:  Blackson Olaseni Bayewumi
Country: NigeriaOn:  05-May-2018
Start Afresh.
No matter what has gone wrong in the past, it is not too late to start afresh. What you need is  not necessarily a 'shutdown' but a 'refresh'. See you at the top
By:  Blackson Olaseni Bayewumi
Country: NigeriaOn:  06-October-2017
Who are you?
You are who you call yourself.  Yes, that is who you are. You are a star, a shinning light, solution to your world and a blessing to your generation. No, you are not an onlooker, not a spectator, you are here on a mission to impact your generation positively. Nothing can stop you, no, not even all the mountains, hills,  rocks and other barriers on your path, you are unstoppable and undefeatable. You are unique and special. Any other contrary situations around you are false and temporary. Arising, your world is waiting for your full manifestation. See you at the top.
By:  Blackson Olaseni Bayewumi
Country: NigeriaOn:  06-October-2017
Go out in the rain
Go out in the rain, do not let sunshine stops you. That obstacle can not stop you, that barrier can not limit you. Hardwork does not mean hard life. With proper planning, integrity, deligence, dedication, determination, commitment and prayers, success is inevitable. Today's pain is  the price  for tomorrow's gain.  By the grace of God, we shall make it. See you at the top.
By:  Blackson Olaseni Bayewumi
Country: NigeriaOn:  06-October-2017
Do the right thing.
BEWARE !!! Like a Computer and Projector, everything done in the secret will be revealed clearly  in the open. Do the right thing
By:  Blackson Olaseni Bayewumi
Country: NigeriaOn:  06-October-2017
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