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Location: Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and North Pacific Ocean, north of the conterminous US
Capital: Ottawa
Population: 33,098,932
Independence Day: 1 July 1867 (from UK)
Date Joined: 1931
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Total Area: 9,976,140 sq km
Languages: English (official), French (official)
Head of the Government: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (since 4 November 2015)
Web site: http://www.canada.gc.ca
National Flag:
Prime Minister
HE Justin Trudeau


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Announces $221M CAD Aid Program for Black Entrepreneurs

Following a letter penned by the Parliamentary Black Caucus urging the Canadian government to address systemic racism immediately, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently made good on his promise to take action “very soon.” Speaking at Toronto’s HXOUSE innovation think-center, Trudeau announced a $221 million CAD aid program for Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. In his announcement, the Prime Minister noted how the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected Black Canadians and

News Source:hypebeast.com
News Type:News Published date: 12-September-2020

Elon Musk Has Promised To Give At Least Half His Fortune To Charity. Here’s How Much He’s Donated So Far

W hen Elon Musk, the serial entrepreneur behind electric car maker Tesla and rocket company SpaceX, signed the Giving Pledge—promising to donate at least half of his fortune to charity—in 2012, he was worth $2 billion. Eight years later, he is significantly wealthier—and therefore has a lot more to give away. Musk ranks seventh on the new 2020 Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, with a net worth of $68 billion thanks to Tesla stock’s enormous market cap. And what a joy ride it’s been:

News Source:forbes
News Type:News Published date: 12-September-2020

Elon Musk plans to build a RESORT near the SpaceX facility in Texas as part of his goal to turn the small Boca Chica hamlet into a '21st century Spaceport'

Elon Musk is planning to build a resort near the SpaceX facility in Texas as part of his goal to turn the small Boca Chica hamlet into a '21st century Spaceport'. The plans were revealed in a job ad posted online at the weekend for a Resort Development Manager whose role will be to 'oversee the development of SpaceX's first resort from inception to completion'.

News Source:dailymail
News Type:News Published date: 11-August-2020

Spacex Starship: Elon Musk Outlines Next Steps For 'crazy Tall' Ship

The Starship, SpaceX's most ambitious rocket to date, is about to embark on more test flights. The company's successful first test flight for the rocket, which sent the "SN5" prototype soaring 150 meters into the air, has sparked discussion about where the company plans to go next. On Saturday, CEO Elon Musk claimed on his Twitter page that the company now plans to host more flights – perhaps more

News Source:inverse
News Type:News Published date: 11-August-2020

Trudeau and top aide to testify on WE affair Thursday

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is slated to appear before the House of Commons finance committee on Thursday to testify about the government's now-cancelled decision to have WE Charity manage a $912-million federal program. His chief of staff Katie Telford is also scheduled to appear. The date and time for the hotly anticipated committee meeting was published Monday on the committee's webpage, which revealed that Trudeau is slated to testify for an hour starting at 3pm E.T.

News Source:ctvnews
News Type:News Published date: 29-July-2020

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