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"I think I speak for my generation when I say that the example and continuity provided by The Queen is not only very rare among leaders but a great source of pride and reassurance"  
The Duke of Cambridge.  
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HM Queen Elizabeth II
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Namaste yeah yeah Prince Charlie showing the way
Age: -   Submitted By: sachin Agrawal
Country:United Kingdom  
Prince Charles uses Namaste
Way to go Prince Charlie...NAMASTE NAMASTE
Age: -   Submitted By: Kiren Shah
welcome back our Prince Harry
Great to see you back in london............... love the speech.
Age: -   Submitted By: jane
Country:United Kingdom  
harry called harry
good on you harry ..... simply wants to be called Harry, Duke of Sussex!!!!!!!!
Age: -   Submitted By: Alan
Country:United Kingdom  
We are with you Harry
We know what youve been through when your dear loving mum died.. We were all devastated . Our English Rose.We know what youve gone through and what youve been trying to prevent happening to megan and your family. We are with you dear Prince Harry and megan .God Bless you both and the baby.
Age: -   Submitted By: Angela
Country:United Kingdom  
The Queens dilemma
Considering all the crises the Queen had been through over the years, shes handling this well. Her statement sounded as if she understood the terrible time Harry and megan have had (from the press)since the marriage..just look at how some people have really gunned for them in the media. Look after them your Majesty.. we feel sorry for them..they need your support
Age: -   Submitted By: melissa b
Country:United Kingdom  
Poor Prince Harry
Penny Junor, an expert on the royals, said the Queens statement "read to me like a grandmother talking about the family", adding that it would "take the pressure off" the duke and duchess. "I think they're in a very vulnerable state at the moment. I think they're unhappy, they feel isolated and unloved, unappreciated and they needed careful handling," I gree. I really feel for Prince Harry and megan.
Age: -   Submitted By: Rob Smith
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