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CHOGM 2020
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Final Communique of the Media and Development Workshop, where Yocomm presented a best practice case study to the delegates.
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YoComm at
"An Audience With Bill Gates"
  On 30th January 2008, the Institute of Directors hosted “An Audience with Bill Gates” at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London as part of the “World Leader Lunch” series. The YoComm team participated at this exclusive seminar. Bill Gates talked about his views on the ‘Second Digital Decade’ and the IT innovations that are creating a “New World of Work”, Bill also announced the UK launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
Bill Gates
Highlights of his speech:
1.  Pace of innovation over the next 10 years quicker than the last 10
2.  The way we read newspapers will change and we’ll see delivery of TV over a personalised channel
3.  Whythis change? Exponential growth in efficiency of hardware and storage capacity is fueling us to be more ambitious
4.  Computing has become a tool to equalise the small business with the large business.
5.  Huge democratization from having the internet as a tool to market your products and services.
6.  Microsoft’s $6b in R&D - devices will become a lot smaller and powerful and all will connect to the internet.
7.  What does this mean at the consumer level? Messaging & search will get better but it’s the knowledge workers that will be empowered in a more    efficient way, helping maximise productivity.
8.  75% of training is now done using video at Microsoft.
9.  We need to unify phone, computers, internet and TV. The “internet with software” will get bigger, enabling different sorts of communication channels,    reducing cost and complexity allowing more capability.
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